Reach Out to Us for Radon Mitigation System Repairs in Dewitt & Lansing, MI

Don't Wait to Repair Your Mitigation System

A radon fan is an essential piece of equipment for your home. Because of that, you'll need to make sure any damage is repaired quickly. Michigan Radon Solutions offers radon mitigation system repairs in Dewitt & Lansing, MI. We'll inspect your system, diagnose the problem and make repairs quickly and efficiently.

The longer you wait to repair your system, the longer your family is at risk for radon poisoning. Keep your family safe by contacting us for radon mitigation system services today.

Discover the benefits of a radon mitigation system inspection

You can rely on us to inspect your fan every two years to ensure it's operating at peak performance. Here's why you should get in touch with us for radon mitigation system services:

  • We can move the fan to a different location in your home
  • We can replace your radon fan so it's more energy-efficient
  • We can check to see if your radon warning device is working properly
Radon fans can break down as they age, so make sure you keep up with regular maintenance. Call 833-723-6646 now for a radon mitigation system repair.